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Pocket Vinyl

—Blessed Wisdom


The Connecticut-based painter-piano/husband-wife duo Pocket Vinyl (Web / YouTube / SoundCloud) played Brunswick’s DIY venue, the Bombshelter, on Saturday night and were kind enough to let me and photographer Troy Bennett in on the action. 

For those unfamiliar with DIY — which, yes, means “do-it-yourself,” but has broader meaning — I’m going to do the dishonorable thing and refer you to the Wikipedia page in addition to saying that Bombshelter organizer Nick Dentico referenced the punk rock aesthetic of DIY and said part of the impetus for the shows is “that people in Brunswick say there’s nothing to do.” 

So, every Saturday between now and Feb. 28th — as of Saturday — is booked between shows at the Bombshelter and Curtis Memorial Library. This is not to say this is entirely new — Dentico and his friend Ryan Moore have been organizing DIY shows in Brunswick for years at various venues, including the Unitarian Universalist Church, which burned down earlier this last year.

The snippet above is from Saturday’s show — a song called “Blessed Wisdom.” You can listen to the whole track at Pocket Vinyl’s website for the band’s 2010 album, “Protagonist.” 

Here’s what pianist Eric Stevenson wrote about the song on that website:

This song is about a very specific feeling for me.  I wrote the bulk of it during a time when I was in a relationship that was on the rocks.  We both weren’t sure what was going to happen, and that indecisiveness was so annoying.  Knowing that you care about the other person but it’s clearly not working, so what do you do?  I really wanted to capture that feeling as best I could.  The Mountain Goats song “Woke Up New” was a big inspiration for this one lyrically because I loved how it captured a specific feeling in the life cycle of a relationship that I hadn’t heard anyone else sing about before. This was my attempt at that same feat.  

This song almost slipped into the “it’s hard but I still love you” category, which in retrospect I’m thankful it didn’t. 

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